NPS Global Inc. - Civil Engineers

NPS Global - Civil Engineers
A family of non-profit engineering companies founded in Arizona in 2017
MESA AZ 85201-3933


The NPS companies are registered Arizona civil engineering firms with particular expertise and experience in:

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About NPS

NPS Global Inc. supports the self-managed family of engineering companies (currently including NPS Maricopa Inc., NPS Pinal Inc., and NPS Agua Fria Inc.) founded by Tom Haws in 2017. NPS currently has engineers in the USA, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Kenya, Nepal, and the Philippines. The NPS companies comprise a successfully exciting experiment in the following organizational foundations:

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Not a freelancer yet? Already a freelancer?

Help us build the best place on earth to work. Make great jobs; do cool stuff; save the world. NPS Global civil engineers paid $315k in 2021 to 13 part time freelance colleagues ($25k–$50k each to the 5 most productive colleagues). We are looking for a long term freelance (including moonlighting) relationship with the smartest flood control engineering freelancers in the world.

Grab control of your career. Are you tired of being a slave to the work week for somebody else's profit? Frustrated with the inflexibility of 4-weeks of vacation and 2-day weekends? Join our NPS teams and take control of your career and that flexibility and freedom you only dreamed of. Raise your hourly rate, reduce your hours, and get your own profits. At NPS you will set your weekly schedule, choose where you work from and choose how long to vacation for. In addition, NPS will provide you the opportunity to choose your discipline (water resources, structural, geotech, traffic, etc.) and projects and pave the way to receive and share support with engineers from around the globe.

NPS is "No owners; Part-time freelancers; Small, Self-managed teams". That means "No owners, No salaries, Know everybody." We are freelancers; we are business people who deliver. On a daily basis, we deliver by taking a moment to check our NPS messages and review the status of our projects for smaller urgent coordination and consultation needs. In the longer term, we respect each other's time and choice of when to allocate the many hours it takes to complete engineering and drafting.

Start at your own pace and grow your billing rate and your involvement depending on your value, desire, and availability. Bill your time monthly. Get your full share of the profits. Become a key team member working with smart and good people. Make the world a better place.

Must listen well, learn well, stay connected, and contribute to our vision.

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